Political Rants

So um I don't know where to begin.
Let's just start by saying no matter how unclean today's politics are, get involved.

I have friends at school who couldn't care less and wouldn't even give a damn about politics. Well to them I say, hell. Do you know why there are so many legal voters and also politicians who are dumb as hell and so blind that I start to think the government should change voting policies to only be opened to kids under 21 and above 15, and making the parliament consist of only 20-year-olds. My hypothesis would say they didn't give a damn about politics when they were in school. To them it was something only grown-ups should be involved in. I partially blame this on the elders. I've been hearing so much crap from them from "Kau budak kecik kau tahu apa?" to "Ah kau kecik lagi tak payah nak sibuk politik. PMR pun tak lepas lagi" when they lose to a kid during a political argument. Exposure is really important. Exposing your kids to the political world is just as important as exposing us to the university life, marriage and sexually transmitted diseases. It's not that I don't see parents letting their kids get involved in politics, I do. It's just that when that happens, it's always the parents who are forcing a belief or interest onto their children. Sometimes it's just a kid's nature to believe everything their parents say or do and I don't blame them. One's mind must be kept wide opened to make room for more opinions and ideas. This is why political exposure should be done at an early stage. When you start to give a damn about politics, only when you turn 21, it'll make it hard for you to decide. You haven't seen what one side's done to the country. Naturally you'd just vote whatever your parents have been supporting for the past 21 years of your life. I know it's boring, I know it's complicated. Why do you think the government today is so full of crap? It's because of people who couldn't care less about the country and would just vote whoever the hell they want, thinking that one vote couldn't make any difference just because they thought it was too complicated to be comprehended. But what's worse is you joining all these rallies going against the government, pretending like you actually understand what's going on when all you know is the surface and that all you're doing is joining in with the trend which is revolution. Please don't you're making a fool of yourself.

Do me your country a favor and get involved in politics. Learn it. Understand it. For a better tomorrow.

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