Revolution Contradiction

An incident happened today at school. A group of jerks decided to pick on this poor kid of the same age. It was going on when i entered the class. All i could think of is "the hell man fight back. Beat him to a pulp". Sorry to disappoint you but he didn't do that. He kept patient. Others just stood by and watched. Some even enjoyed watching the kid miserable, they laughed. Now these group of people are the kind that are rally-active and pro-reformation. Contrary to what they're fighting for (in the rally world), these kids couldn't care less about the oppressed in fact, they are the oppressors. This incident made me think; why the hell do these people join anti-oppression rallies if they're so into oppressing? Is it because it's the in-thing? The hypocrisy within them is just- wow. Wanting to change the world without wanting to change yourself is mere bullsh. It's sickening, really. If you could just see yourselves you'd feel ashamed. You're no different than any of the politicians. All talk, no walk.

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