Masyarakat kita
Talam dua muka
Identiti ganda dua
Si malaikat dan syaitan
pada lembaran yang sama
Hari ini dia sempurna
Menegakkan keadilan di alam maya
Esok lusa dia celaka
Menindas semua sama sahaja
Si pedofil dicela
Perogol dimurka
Artikel berjela jela
Tapi dia juga serupa
Bahan lucah berleluasa
Perempuan disiul digoda
Komputer riba jadi arkib dosa
Kerana bagi mereka apa salahnya
Punya nafsu sering ternoda

Kau fikir kau upaya
Mengubah dunia sedang kau menghancurkannya
Menikam mangsa sambil menekan luka
Orang dah bertindak dia masih berkata-kata
Dia ditegur, yang dimarahnya kita
Dunia hancur, mana tidaknya?
Perangai dengan hewan sama serupa

Hormati wanita kasihi mereka
Kalau demikian pun tiada
Walau dari senormal manusia
Apa kau fikir perogol durjana
Si pedofil neraka
Boleh berfikir serupa?


Stop Tumblr

I'm not saying they don't do it for a strong reason, all i'm saying is that it used to be different. People didn't cut and bragged about it. Hell, people didn't cut, not in my surrounding at least. But the internet apparently has brought this trend into our society that cutting is a good way to divert the pain of their depression. This makes these people who are desperate to find a way out of their misery believe that this is actually a good way to do that. Believe me, I know people who cut and what they go through everyday blows my mind. Still, people didn't used to hurt themselves when they're sad. The only people that did were either crazy or under influenced. The internet's to blame for this phenomenon, tumblr, specifically who justifies the act of cutting, who popularizes self-inflicted pain, who puts harm in the center of attraction. It acts as a bait, waiting for those miserable people to nibble on it. Please do not hurt yourself or do not encourage people to hurt themselves, directly or indirectly. If you don't love yourself, fine then. But don't you dare take it out on the body that has been doing nothing but keeping you alive for all these years. This has to stop.


I still think about you every now and then. It doesn't help that I see you every day. Nothing's changed. Except for the fact that even when I do think of you, I no longer feel those butterflies that used to tingle in my belly. I no longer see sparks fly in your eyes or smile. I no longer feel the need to impress you because none of that matters. My life is too short to even be taking naps let alone to get worked up about someone just because you think you should, or other people think you should.

On waiting

I hate anticipation
so much that this one time I went to the dentist
to get my braces taken off- mind you
it's been a year and a half since
the last time the doctor told me to take it off.
When I arrived at the clinic the doctor told me
to wait until the end of the year.
I was filled with so much resentment. Pissed to the core.
I was holding my middle finger down like it was a gun.
Holding my words back just so I wouldn't put
that bullet in his gullet and Morrissey him to his end.
But instead, I clenched my fist, said okay
and left.

I get disappointed by the littlest things like
the third rescheduling of my dentist appointment

Now imagine how much pain I endured waiting,
anticipating for you to come back.



Love is like
Your favorite place to eat
You want people to like it 
But at the same time you want them to stay away so that you could have it all to yourself. Or at least shorten the queue to the counter.
But you choose to let it be because if people stay away the place would go out of business and would no longer be able to operate.

Love is not about doing what you want it's about doing what's best for you and the other person. Sometimes even just the other person. But that's love and that's what makes it so powerful.