I think the problem with society today, and the industry and probably the economy is the mindset of the people when they're studying. I see lots of people hating on school subjects and going on on twitter about how you don't need to know algebra to get a job you don't need to learn literature to be a doctor or about how much you don't need to learn about pipes cuz you could just call the plumber. But the one that just stinks all over is the statement-

"All they have to do is teach us how to make money. Studying is pointless, you'll forget about it soon"

Well, see, students are losing their objective. Their intentions have been side-tracked by the world itself. You don't study to get a job. I mean, you do, but that shouldn't be the sole reason. It shouldn't even be in number one on your list of "Reasons Why I Go To School and Study Stuff". Hearing all this bullshit from muslims makes me more sad. Dude, Allah did not command his servants learn to get a job and make money. He told us to learn so that we could teach people and help them. We should learn because He asked us to. We should learn so that someone else could benefit from the knowledge we have. When your one and only goal of learning is to be a billionaire or get money or what ever, you will not feel the satisfaction when you gain something new. Even your future company would be a flop if all you've ever done is study for the sake of money. Well why wouldn't it? You're going for the highest position but you don't know what the ones below you are doing and you don't know how they do it. Because you didn't study to be those people. You studied to be on top. As lousy as it may seem, that's reality.

Study, get knowledge for the love of Allah. Study because you love knowledge. Study because you want to help. Purify your intentions. The intentions that you start with, sets how the end of your track would be. Would it and at a proper magical wonderland station, or would it end horrifically with a broken track at a dead end? Like the one in the spiderman movie.

إنما الأعمال بالنية

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