Emotional Rants

In your life there's gotta be some point where you feel like it's just too much. Like the emotional rollercoaster has got to stop entertaining it's passengers. And when that happens people, specifically people like me, tend to push other people away and just hide. I know, it's pretty weird. You'd expect me to blow up and go cold turkey on someone but no. I have always been an open person. I don't mind telling strangers my problems, my worries or even sharing my secrets. Because I feel like life is too short to not share (does that make sense to you?). Or maybe it's because I just hate keeping secrets because it's painful lol. So when a situation like this occurs, I do the exact opposite. Just like any other human being on this planet would. I flip to the other side of me. But the problem is, it's really depressing because I tend to keep my problems locked up inside and the hatred is just... inexplicable. Reaching the climax of the emotional rollercoaster and pretending is like being on a real rollercoaster and shutting your mouth, holding back your breath just so people wouldn't hear you scream. It makes your heart literally fall out of place. It's painful. And the worst thing is, I don't know how to tell people my problems because I just suck horse shit at putting my thoughts to words- especially when it's all messed up up here. It's like for example.. I can't even think of one.

Any advice?

p.s, Happy Birthday Sharifah Miza Farhana. Love ya <3

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