52 Things about Ali
  1. Born on the 1st of December in 2009
  2. He was tiny when he came to this world. Very small
  3. He had down syndrome
  4. He came out earlier than expected so he had to be put in an incubator
  5. He loved football. Or kicking things
  6. His baby cot was his soccer pitch
  7. He liked watching toys crash into walls and stuff. (mostly toy cars)
  8. He was the world's clumsiest kid
  9. He loved to smile
  10. He liked eating olive oil on it's own. He practically drinks it
  11. He likes to sit at the driver's seat
  12. He liked giving flying kisses to everyone
  13. He was very friendly
  14. He couldn't walk on his own
  15. He loved rolling
  16. He called me Lita, Icha, Cha, Kak Ta, Kak Cha, Alita
  17. He knew how to say bibik, mama, papa, kak ya, abang, bah and azhad
  18. His favourite music video was an anime soundtrack. Brand New World (One Piece)
  19. He loved watching Tom and Jerry and other cartoons
  20. He had a special chair. It's yellow and it looks like a potty
  21. He knew how to work the iPhone and the iPad
  23. He was photogenic
  24. He would cheer me up whenever I pretend to cry because he won't stop throwing toys outta his cot
  25. He would blabber instead of cry when he's hungry or bored
  26. He hated the Heinz baby food. I, on the other hand, loved it tho
  28. He preferred the bench at the dining table rather than his baby chair
  29. He hates baby chairs
  30. He had a semi fear of height
  31. He had the cutest laugh in the world
  32. He had fallen off the bed thrice (when I was watching)
  33. He had fallen down the stairs twice
  34. He ran into cupboards a lot
  35. He liked crawling up the stairs
  36. He loved talking on the phone
  37. He'd sit right in front of the screen whenever we video call Kak Ya
  38. He'd take the doctors' stethoscopes and pretend he was one by checking our heart beats
  39. He's a quick learner
  40. He had a chemoport in his chest
  41. He had been a cancer patient for less than a year
  42. He was the toughest kid I have ever met
  43. He has went on a trip to Bangkok, Australia, Phuket
  44. He wore a white jubah on his first and second (which was his last) eid celebration in 2010 & 2011
  45. He loved everyone
  46. He liked to give high fives
  47. He was our best friend
  48. He smiled through every single treatment he had to go through
  49. He had a favourite plush toy called Bear Bear Berry
  50. He loved the water
  51. He died on the 4th of April, 2012. Around 3 a.m. On my dad's lap. Looking so peaceful
  52. He is and will always be our little brother

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