Some boring entry about the Environment

I'm a Malaysian. Therefore, I live in Malaysia.

Malaysia, for the people who haven't heard of it that might, i don't know why, be reading this, is a country located on the equator. Which means, our rainforest type is tropical. Which also means our country is filled with trees. In fact, the whole country used to be a rainforest. Therefore, our country is very humid. Only the countries located on the equator has this kind of weather but apparently, Malaysians are taking this advantage for granted. When I'm on my way home from school, I see tons of plastic bottles and frozen yoghurt cups on the grass. (Just fyi, littering frozen yoghurt doesn't make the earth a cooler place) Don't they know that these things are non-biodegradable? Of course they do. Non-biodegradable things like this will start to kill the soil slowly. It'll intoxicate it. Therefore, it'll die and it won't be good for the trees. So if the trees die too they won't produce anymore oxygen for us. What happens when there's no oxygen? That's right, you gon' die. Plus, when there are no trees, mother earth would have to face global warming. The world depends on these trees and rainforest to provide shade and humidity and cool weather. And we're killing the chances of mother earth's recovery. When global warming happens (nauzubillahi min zalik), the whole world is gonna drown due to the meltdown of the south and north pole, Antarctica and the tundras. Now who are you gonna blame then? Oh yeah, start blaming the factories for producing too much CFC. Start blaming the trucks for releasing too much diesel. Start blaming your Prime Ministers and Presidents for not investing in eco products. When are you gonna start blaming yourself? You're the one who did not contribute to saving the earth. If only you had thrown that bottle into the trash can instead of the ground, you could've made a huge difference. Don't think that if you do that, it won't make any difference because you're the only one doing it. Because if everyone thinks that way then no one will ever start throwing their trash into the bin. No one will ever start recycling. So start today. Make a change. Contribute to the world. Contribute to Malaysia and let's not spoil the tropical climate that we have today for the children of tomorrow.

I'm a Malaysian. Therefore, I care about Malaysia.

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