On waiting

I hate anticipation
so much that this one time I went to the dentist
to get my braces taken off- mind you
it's been a year and a half since
the last time the doctor told me to take it off.
When I arrived at the clinic the doctor told me
to wait until the end of the year.
I was filled with so much resentment. Pissed to the core.
I was holding my middle finger down like it was a gun.
Holding my words back just so I wouldn't put
that bullet in his gullet and Morrissey him to his end.
But instead, I clenched my fist, said okay
and left.

I get disappointed by the littlest things like
the third rescheduling of my dentist appointment

Now imagine how much pain I endured waiting,
anticipating for you to come back.

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