I've spent almost two years now dwelling on an incident in the past i know well enough i could never change. I still haven't found a perfect solution to the problem i've caused, but that's okay because it doesn't matter. I do not have the power to change what can't be changed. To undo what can't be undone. To try and unravel the twisted, the tangled tales of our past and try to make total sense of it. I can't do that, so I will bother no more. In time, I will surely find someone who will make me as happy as you did, or even better, happier. In time, I will surely find another friend as good as you. I still have a long way to go in life, it's a done deal. I don't blame you for anything nor shall I ever blame myself no more. I will no longer let you control my emotions even though I know you've never intended on doing that, I did that to myself. So long, friend. If our paths ever intersect in the future, be sure to say hi! I sure will remember you, you will forever exist at the back of my mind but now is where I will stop thinking of you, and eventually, loving you.

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